Fall Risk Testing at Clark-Lindsey

The MCRL team is returning to Clark-Lindsey, but this time we are doing research! We visited back in September of 2016 to run a mobile Fall Clinic for their residents. Now, we will be testing out new fall risk technologies with their residents. This is a unique opportunity to see our fall risk applications used in real life. We are eager to watch the residents interact with the application.  

Our research has two objectives:
  1. To test if our fall risk application can measure fall risk in this setting.
  2. To gain information about user friendliness for these individuals.

We are still in the initial stages of getting the project rolling. You can check back on this page to see updates as we go!

Prof. Sosnoff is working closely with Prof. Deana McDonagh of Industrial Design, Dr. Jason Fanning of Wake Forest University, and Dr. Douglas Wajda of Cleveland State University.