NY Philharmonic Puts Its History by the Numbers Online

Philharmonic Puts Its History by the Numbers Online
Published: June 23, 2009
NY Times

“New York Philharmonic has put online an ocean of data about its concerts, dating back to the first one on Dec. 7, 1842.

NB: “The Metropolitan Opera did the same four years ago, adding an archive to its Web site, metopera.org, that it says chronicles each performance in its history, starting in 1883.”

When Opera Is New and Unproved

When Opera is New and Unproved
By Anne Midgette
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, September 7, 2008

“In the ongoing quest to broaden opera’s appeal, contemporary opera is one arrow in a sparely filled quiver. New operas are based on world events, current movies, popular books. Their music is written by funky living composers. And yet, earnest, thoughtful and filled with worthy music though they be, they seldom find the same resonance as art films, or literary fiction. In fact, people who go to see an opera based on a book they liked often come away disappointed.”