Musicians, music critic, and lighting designer win genius grant

13 Academics Are Among 2008 MacArthur Fellows
Chronicle of Higher Education

Leila Josefowicz, 30, violinist, in New York. She captivates audiences with her technically precise and emotionally resonant performances of both traditional and contemporary works.

Walter Kitundu, 35, multimedia artist, Exploratorium, in San Francisco. He is an inventor of original musical instruments that navigate the boundary between live and recorded performance.

Alex Ross, 40, music critic, The New Yorker, New York. His writing captures the often elusive aesthetic and technical aspects of classical and contemporary music with clarity, grace, and wit.

Jennifer Tipton, 71, stage-lighting designer, in New York. Her distinctive, internationally recognized designs have redefined the relationship between lighting and performance.

Miguel Zenon, 31, saxophonist, in New York. He is a jazz musician who expands the boundaries of Latin and jazz music through his elegant and innovative collages.