(Un)Officially Dangerous

Since I am underage and do not partake in drinking, the weekend of unofficial is just another normal weekend for me. On Friday, I have to go to classes then head to work for the rest of the night. I work at Chipotle on Green, so I am expected to see a large number of drunk kids, nothing too different than a normal Friday night. Unfortunately, I think that this “holiday” will have a pretty negative effect. So many students are going to be inebriated, ready to do something stupid. Not only are they putting themselves in danger, they are putting others in danger. And not only are these people drinking Friday, but all weekend. If any thing terrible happens on the campus, the University will have a make a statement and defend itself. The University is trying very hard to prevent as much damage as possible. As for me, I am just going to spend some sober time with my friends, and we might venture off campus to prevent getting involved in any way.