Domestic Violence Research Paper

Original Paper

Revised Paper

At the beginning of the project, I was worried that I was going to have a hard time analyzing my sources and coming up with a valid argument. But once I wrote past my introduction, I could feel myself getting in the rhythm and my brain coming up with a flowing essay and argument. As I wrote the paper, I hoped that my words and points came together to make sense, which I was confident in my the end of the assignment. I also went in and made my thesis a little less confusing and directly stated what I wanted to be changed, instead of beating around the bush.
When I write important papers, I have the tendency to include a lot of passive voice. To me, passive voice has always sounded more professional in papers, but when spoken out loud, it sounds terrible! Before submitting, I went through and read the paper out loud to find any obvious passive voice, but I used my chance for revision to fix as much as I could.
Looking at my paper after not looking at it for a while definitely helped me revise the mistakes. The topic was still fresh enough in my head that I could still follow along, but it was new enough that I could look at the details closely.
After this assignment, I had a much better idea of what a college paper looked like. Now, I know that analysis is extremely important. and professor can read those same sources and take in the same information, but they want to see something new. The writer’s opinion is what the reader came to the essay for, so including fresh ideas helps the reader totally understand why you wrote about this particular topic.

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