Artist’s Statement

Throughout my time as a writer in high school and college, I have developed my own voice and writing style. I tend to stick to what I know best, which is papers with opinions and research. In high school, I competed in speech competitions with persuasive topics, involving strong arguments and facts to back them up. As I transcended into college, writing became about developing a solid argument, whether I agree or not. I plan on switching my major  from biology to political science and communications, so it is vital that I

Soup Can by Gustavo Fajardo from the Daily Dot

learn how to use facts and information to my advantage to create the best content.

As I wrote all of these assignments throughout the semester, I made sure to use my professor’s comments and techniques to develop my current paper using the previous. With speech and grades in general, I learned that criticism is never a personal jab, but an invitation for help.

As an opinionated person, I enjoy sharing my thoughts and feelings to almost any topic. Luckily, I have writing do to that. The reader has the choice to either listen or to simply not read my paper. If they choose to read, then my goal has been accomplished. When I write, I hope to make people think and question what they thought before or to provide support if the reader agrees. Either way, my thoughts have a purpose to someone else.

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