Annotated Bibliography

Original Annotated Bibliography

Revised Annotated Bibliography

The major revision that I need to take care of was adding a few more sources with summaries and analyses since I was short on the original assignment. By adding a few more sources, I could go back to the paper and look at how I really used the sources and how they may have changed where I went with my first idea. My thinking towards the assignment did not really change since I only had to summarize them and talk about their exigency. But like I said previously, the new sources helped me understand why I used the sources I did and how they were helpful to the reader and to my argument. To revise the annotated bibliography, I concentrated on perfecting my citations. I did not have to change any of my summaries or analyses because they were concise and addressed exigency and type of source. When I added the new sources, I made sure to include the same type of information and stayed true to being concise. I think that this assignment really helped me analyze sources for the future. So much more goes into including a source into your paper besides when and where it was published and who was the author. In order to develop your own original ideas, you need sources to get your mind going.  When we research, our brains subconsciously analyze, but writing it out helps the writer look even deeper.

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