As a caterpillar ventures out into the world, he figure it out as he go.      It is possible that other caterpillars help it throughout the beginning of its life, offering it some direction, but direction is not always available. Although life starts as a struggle, he makes it to the next stage in life.

Caterpillar from Wikimedia Commons

When I started writing papers at the beginning of the semester, I had my resources from high school and general past knowledge, but no writing class is the same. I knew I had to learn as I go throughout the course to make it to the next stage of success. 

Next, it is time for the caterpillar to build its cocoon. He builds the cocoon little by little, making it the best home possible. Once he gets all cozy, his transformation into a beautiful butterfly slowly begins.

In the course, we build our “cocoon” through different assignments, goals, and writing styles. We receive criticism and grades to improve our writing and “cocoon” and become the best writers we can near the end of the semester. 

Finally, a butterfly emerges from the cocoon. The butterfly turns into the beautiful bug, who has the ability to fly and explore its world. He can spread what he’s learned to caterpillars and share his knowledge and experiences. As he moves along with his life as a butterfly, he knows all of the work was worth it in the end.

Butterfly from Wikimedia Commons

At the end of the semester, we used our resources to become a much better writer. We now have the ability to be concise and productive, hopefully achieving our goals. We know use what we have learned to provide resources to others, all through the hard work.

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