Critical Response #1

Original CR #1

Revised CR #1

When revising my second critical response, I really wanted to focus on the smaller details, like conciseness and grammar. I had plenty of sentences that had unneeded words and grammar errors that needed simple edits. Overall, I did not have to change many of my ideas, but I was able to elaborate on the emotional, long term effects of fake news. Since fake news is still very exigent a few months after I originally wrote this paper, I had more experience around the topic. My strategies for revising my minor assignments, or critical responses, I mainly kept to the smaller details. Since these papers are short and limited to specific ideas, I do not have too much room to go into extreme detail and development, but one or two extra ideas and some extra support never hurt anybody. After completing this assignment, I really wanted to analyze how impactful fake news can be. Today, the term “fake news” has become some sort of slang, in a way. Whenever someone does not believe something they heard, even if it is completely unrelated to current events or the news, they still call it “fake news.” With this sort of impact, fake news must still be a relevant problem.


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