Critical Response #2

Original CR #2

Revised CR #2

For this assignment, the main problem I focused on was the lack of content. I only had information from Lamott when I should have had information from Adler and Bradbury. I spent some time reading and listening their sources to apply them to my thesis. My goal was to find content that applied to their writing process and why they though reading and writing was important in general. At the beginning of the project, I looked at it a little vaguely. As the semester moved along, I became more comfortable with branching out with my ideas and adding more support that made the reader read between the lines. I can tell after reading my earlier assignments that my writing has evolved to be more complex. Revising has never been too easy for me, especially after finally turning in an assignment. While revising this, it was easier to revise because I just had to add some content, instead of going through and fixing specific details. After this assignment, I really started to notice the steps and procedures that go into writing, along with its importance to everyone. While writing, we have certain steps that we like to follow, even if we never actually acknowledge them blatantly. After listening to Ray Bradbury about the importance of reading, I recognize how without the ability to read, we would never function normally and productively.

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