Gerard’s Unique Influence

After reading Gerard’s quotation about research and choosing a topic, now I realize that I picked my topic based on his ideas, but subconsciously. For my paper, I chose to do research about domestic violence between young couples, but specifically students. I had some previous ideas about topics I am already pretty familiar with, but I wanted to avoid border as much as possible. ┬áMy final question, right now, is how does domestic violence affect students. Gerard stresses picking ideas that you do not know much or anything about to avoid becoming the “expert” and to just stay interested. I chose domestic violence because women are the majority of victims in abusive relationships and the violence needs to be stopped. But I chose the intersection of students because I am one. I want to be able to recognize signs of domestic violence and education my peers. This topic is important because everyone needs to be aware. Although I will focus my research on female victims, men are victims, too. Domestic violence can literally happen to anyone is any relationship at any stage and any age. I fell that it is extremely important to educate so we, as a society, can end the violence.