The Student Becomes the Teacher

In high school, I did several different papers on several different subjects. When choosing a topic for this paper, I did consider doing a topic that was similar to something I did in the past, but decided against it. Although, I did want to write about something interesting and that could possibly affect me. As a result, I am choosing to write about domestic violence and university students. Similarly to Gerard in his interview, I thought that picking a topic I knew little about was a great idea. That was, I would not get bored and run out of points to talk about. Like the magazine mentioned in the interview, there are experts all around that are 100% sure they know everything. This will definitely help me eliminate a bias. By including sources and statistics that I learned and have not been influenced by in the past, I know that the information I am offering is supporting the truth. In this case, I do not have to know everything. As I want to inform and tech with my paper, I would also love to learn.