A Lesson From Your Elder

Hey there little guy,  I heard you wanted a sneak peak into the college life. Well, here you go. For this class I have to take, RHET 105, I have to write a research paper. I do not know the details yet, but I know I want to pick a topic related to social justice. There are a lot of topics that interest me, considering I would love to make a positive change sometime. Since I have been affected by it directly, I will probably chose a topic closely related to sexism. Obviously, I do not want to write about something  that is boring, because I will not feel any motivation to do it. And since I can involve my personal experiences, writing about sexism would actually be really interesting. With some research, I can learn about others’ experiences, too. When you come to college, you will realize that everyone has different experiences and perspectives that can really change the way you look at certain topics. They really open your eyes.