My Response was Critical

A few weeks ago, I had to write my first Critical Response. Overall, it went pretty well. I think that I developed some clear ideas and put them together well, especially for the first time doing the assignment. In the paper, I made good observations about the actual articles and my ideas and points related well. Although I did have some problems, most of which related to grammar and issues with my in-text citations. In order to fix these problems, I can always refer to the Writer’s Reference or Owl Purdue pages. I think that the grammar quizzes will help me in general, especially when those same topics come up in my papers. But they will be helpful, just in my everyday writing. In order to get a better grade on my next Critical Response, I will spend more time looking over my formatting and ┬ádouble checking if all of my ideas are coherent. Overall, I feel that the first assignment was a success.