Quantum Landscapes

Creators: S. Vishveshwara and K. Padavić

Medium: Digital Collage

As humans, we have our unique individual traits, we interact, and sometimes, together we display collective behavior wherein societies emerge, the individual dissolves into something bigger. Through easily available images, this video explores the minute building blocks that compose each individual and the matter around us. The microscopic quantum world is so shockingly different from the macroscopic world, a most unusual world that becomes manifest in the coldest regions of the cosmos and in laboratories on Earth. A hidden arena on which the macroscopic realm hinges, an arena that endows matter its stability and stars their radiant patterns. In addition to showcasing unexpected physical behaviors observable only after ‘zooming in’, the video conveys the subtle parallels between seemingly strange quantum behaviors and our everyday experience as a part of a collective of humans, thus bridging the gap between the felt and the unseen.