JST Update!

Please see the social media tab and follow us on facebook to stay up to date with the safety happenings within our department! Thank you to all who attended our October 23rd LSO meeting. The slides are now available on the website. Be on the lookout for more information regarding our next LSO meeting.


Safety Announcement: CLSL-A Power Outage 9/25/18

There will be a scheduled CLSL-A power outage from 5:00 – 8:00 am on Tuesday, September 25. Please see the following notes from F & S regarding the outage.

During this outage:

-There will be absolutely no power in the building
-There will be no air supply or ventilation, which also applies to fume hoods
-For safety reasons, occupants of the building will not be allowed to stay in the building.  The SCS Safety Officer (Shane B.)  will routinely check each research lab to ensure occupants are not staying in the building.
-School of Chemical Sciences (SCS) and F&S will have staff on hand during the outage to monitor the electrical outage and building equipment.
-SCS staff will provide email updates to all occupants during the outage, and will email an “ALL CLEAR” when occupants can return to the building.

Prior to the Building Outage:

Here’s what you can do to prepare to optimally handle this power outage:

-We recommend all electronic equipment be properly shut down, turned off, and unplugged prior to the start of the outage.
-Identify all “sensitive” equipment.  Review SOPs (when available) for safe shutdown.  Contact manufacturers where appropriate for shutdown procedures.  Make sure you know where all of your equipment is plugged in, and label equipment cords and plugs if you want to keep track of what gets plugged in where.
-Secure hazardous operations, and cap chemicals, in fume hoods and any other environments that depend on ventilation for safety.
-Identify all sensitive samples in refrigerators, freezers, or cold rooms that need to be relocated, and contact the SCS Facility Manager (333-1972 or 369-4908) to arrange for an alternative cold room location if required.
-Familiarize yourself with the reset procedures in the manual for all freezers/refrigerators, especially modern CPU-controlled freezers, so that you will be prepared if they do not reset to the desired default temperature when powered back on after the outage.
-80 deg C freezers, unopened, are expected to maintain their temperature for 4 hours, so their shutdown during the outage is not expected to cause any sample storage issues. Nevertheless, please email information about your freezer location/s to Danielle Cruzan ( dcruzan@illinois.edu) so that SCS and F&S can ensure that the freezer is fully operational when power is restored.
-Designate two group representatives to interface with SCS staff and top up dry ice during the outage; email their names, email addresses, and cell phone numbers to Danielle Cruzan ( dcruzan@illinois.edu).
-You may send a complete email list for your group to dcruzan@illinois.edu  – Danielle Cruzan so we can be sure everyone is notified of progress during the outage.

Volunteers Needed for TA Training

The Joint Safety Team (JST) wants your help!

During this training, graduate student volunteers will “role-play” as students that do not follow standard lab rules (shorts in the lab, no safety goggles, etc.). The TA’s will have to identify the problem and intervene in the appropriate way. Afterwards, the graduate student volunteers will give feedback to the trainees.

We hope that this training session helps the lab TA’s feel more comfortable in a position of authority. This will improve communication between TA and student and help to mitigate potential incidents throughout the semester. Plus, it should be fun for graduate students to be the “bad students”, so please sign-up!

We need 12 volunteers for each day of the training.

Wednesday, Aug. 29, 5:30-7:15 PM, 1006/1007 Chem Annex

Thursday, Aug. 30, 6:00-7:30 PM, 1006/1007 Chem Annex

Pizza and pop will be available for all volunteers, plus we will be raffling prizes!

Sign-up at the following link! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe_gEk3CH8tHfUHwmVZYA_jqew3rn0gsrAGpC6MeqJxA-nWlQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

Welcome to our new JST Board!

We are excited to welcome our new JST Graduate Student Board!

  • Jacob Turner will be staying on as Vice Chair
  • Shannon Murphy is our new Secretary
  • Morgan Cencer is our new Treasurer
  • Clare Leahy and Maria Philip are our new Working Group Coordinators
  • Jose Zavala will be continuing as our Wellness coordinator

Thank you to our outgoing board members Marina and Michael for all your hard work!

Get Involved! Now Accepting Applications for the 2018-2019 JST Committee

The Chemistry Joint Safety Team is now accepting applications for committee positions for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Terms are one year long starting in August and open positions are described below (see our bylaws for more information). To apply you must be a graduate student or postdoc in the University of Illinois Chemistry Department.

If interested, please fill out this application.

Vice Chair:

  • Maintain the JST Webpage
  • Attend meetings with safety personnel when appropriate
  • Fill in for Chair at meetings when needed


  • Take minutes of all meetings, including Officer’s meetings, JST committee meetings, and monthly Lab Safety Officer meetings
  • Maintain the ongoing list of Lab Safety Officers and their contact information


  • Track JST budget and spending
  • Coordinate reimbursements for JST purchases and liaise with the School of Chemical Sciences Business Office
  • Coordinate purchase of food and supplies for JST events and operations

Working Group Coordinator:

  • Facilitate projects undertaken by the working groups within the JST
  • Populate working groups by sending emails to the Department to solicit volunteers
  • Report progress and results from working groups to the Officers

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who turned out for our second annual safety week! Thank you in particular to Stephanie Hess, Brian Meschewski, Irv Potts, and Kali Serrano for giving great seminars, Jeremy Leevey of Urbana Fire for letting us put out some fires, and finally our Fisher and Kimberly Clark vendors for providing some goodies!

Safety BBQ Today!

Today is the last day of Safety Week 2018! There will be a live review of fire extinguisher use with the Urbana Fire Department starting at 4:30—come and put out a fire! Then grab some grilled goodies from DCGSAC at 5:00 to celebrate the absence of undergraduates and the coming summer months!

Safety Week: Thursday

Come learn about how we can all improve laboratory safety in an academic setting today from 1:00-2:00 pm in RAL 116. UIUC’s own Kali Serrano will be presenting an abbreviated seminar from ACS NOLA! Tomorrow is the final day of Safety Week 2018, culminating with the Safety BBQ and Fire Extinguisher training:

Friday, May 18th: 4:30-6:00, between RAL and CLSL-B: Safety BBQ and Fire Extinguisher Training

  • Review proper fire extinguisher technique with the Urbana Fire Department starting at 4:30, and grilled goodies from DCGSAC starting at 5:00