March and April LSO Meeting Recaps

Thanks to all of our attendees for the March and April LSO meetings. In these two meetings we discussed how to interface with facilities and services to have any maintenance done in your labs (March). For the April meeting we discussed how to handle specialty waste (with an emphasis on bio-waste). We also showed one of our new initiatives, Safe Operation Cards, and are working on finalizing them. Please see the ‘Monthly LSO Meeting’ tab for the powerpoint slides

Nano Safety Workshop 2/28/2019

2019 Nano Safety Workshop – February 28, 2019
1:15 PM – 4:50 PM
190 Engineering Sciences Building

MRL is a facility that brings in researchers and students from many different backgrounds. In the research environment, work and studies with nanomaterials is steadily growing. This workshop is for all involved with nanomaterial research to help educate them how to properly handle nanomaterials and how to protect themselves. Educating others is a promising way to help our MRL facility and other labs on campus stay a safe environment for research.

Follow this link for more information regarding the speakers and to register for the workshop:

February LSO Meeting Recap

Thank you to all of the LSO’s who attended our February meeting! We recapped our SOP writing workshop, went through recent incidents, and got some feedback regarding the implementation of Safety Minutes. Please see our ‘Monthly LSO Meeting’ tab for the powerpoint slides.

Learn how to write quality SOPs!

We will be holding a Standard Operating Procedure workshop with the help of DRS.

When: Thursday, January 31st

Where: Noyes 165

The goal of this workshop is to provide students with the necessary knowledge and resources to efficiently create quality SOPs, it will consist of two parts.

The first part will be a presentation/discussion on SOP basics, their requirements, and risk assessments. This part will go from 1:00 pm to approximately 2:00 pm. 

The second part will be an opportunity for students to create a SOP or update an existing SOP with the help of DRS and JST (Students may come for just the 1st part). If you do plan on participating in the second part and creating/updating a SOP, please bring your laptop or the printed SOP. This part will start around 2:00 pm and go until 3:00 pm.

Please email with any questions.

TA Training – Volunteers Needed

The Joint Safety Team (JST) wants your help!

During this training, graduate student volunteers will “role-play” as students that do not follow standard lab rules (shorts in the lab, no safety goggles, etc.). The TA’s will have to identify the problem and intervene in the appropriate way. Afterwards, the graduate student volunteers will give feedback to the trainees.

We hope that this training session helps the lab TA’s feel more comfortable in a position of authority. This will improve communication between TA and student and help to mitigate potential incidents throughout the semester. Plus, it should be fun for graduate students to be the “bad students”, so please sign-up!

Wednesday, January, 16th 5:30-7:00 PM, 1006/1007 Chem Annex

Pizza and pop will be available for all volunteers, plus we will be raffling prizes!

Signup here: