Near Misses/Safety Concerns

Near Miss Reports

Near Miss/Incident Reports act as an educational tool to increase awareness and help create a safe, productive research environment. If you are aware of a near miss or incident, please provide information on the situation so we can all learn from it. These reports do not include any identifying information and are meant to be completely anonymous: they will not be used to penalize or lay blame!

How will this work?

  • Please use this form to alert us to safety incidents or “near misses”.
  • The JST Chair will compile all reports from the previous month and go over them at the next LSO meeting followed by discussion of lessons learned.
  • Slides will be archived for further distribution to research groups by LSOs during annual safety updates.

Your submission may be submitted anonymously, but we request you enter your email address so that we may follow-up with any questions. Your submission will be reviewed by the JST and may be discussed with DRS so that we may continue to improve our safety protocols and provide correct information for lessons learned.

Safety Concerns

Part of the JST’s mission is to provide better communication about safety to the department and help implement new policies. Please use this form if you have a general safety concern, whether research related, facilities related, or anything else.


  • If someone was injured, please be sure a First Report of Injury form has been completed and you have followed up with DRS!
  • This system IS NOT meant to replace the First Report of Injury Form or a DRS/SCS Accident Investigation.
  • Please see DRS Accident Response and SCS Accident Response for more information

Portions of this page were adapted from the University of Minnesota JST website and the Penn State MatSE Department