Monthly LSO Meetings

All LSOs are required to attend monthly safety meetings led by the JST. During these meetings we go over recent incidents, discuss facilities issues, and cover a safety topic. LSOs are highly encouraged to share the information learned in these meetings with their groups, either through discussions at group meetings or by forwarding meeting slides.

LSO Meeting Feedback Form


April 7th

Summary: Updates for ESCO facilities projects, updates on the anonymous COVID-19 reporting form, and information on response and cleanup following laboratory fires.

Meeting Materials:


March 3rd

Summary: Updates for ESCO and RAL facilities projects, preview of March 2021 Safety Week, and updates on the anonymous COVID-19 reporting form.

Meeting Materials:


February 3rd

Summary: COVID-19 safety guidelines, including training new researchers, working alone, and other space and PPE guidelines.

Meeting Materials:



December 2nd

Summary: Review of statistics from this semester’s incident report forms, as well as responsibilities for LSOs.

Meeting Materials: Slides

October 21st

Summary: Expectations for DRS Lab Audit walkthroughs. Laboratory housekeeping and waste disposal guidelines outlined in slides.

Meeting Materials: Slides

September 2nd

Summary: Chemical exposure incident review and spill kit preparation.

Meeting Materials: Slides

June 23rd

Summary: Nanomaterials safety and information on how DRS audits may be conducted this year.

Meeting Materials: Slides

May 12th

Summary: Reviewing important safety reminders for when researchers are allowed to work in the lab within social distancing guidelines.

Meeting Materials: Slides

April 2nd

Summary: Emergency planning for labs. Slides contain details about an upcoming planned power outage for RAL and DRS online fire extinguisher training.

Meeting Materials: Slides

February 27th

Summary: JST feedback forms and introducing JST Safety QuickChecks

Meeting Materials: Slides

January 30th

Summary: Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP), labeling chemicals, and general housekeeping

Meeting Materials: Slides


November 14th

Summary: Roles and responsibilities of Lab Safety Officers

Meeting Materials: Slides

October 3rd

Summary: Advanced PPE and resources for learning about and obtaining advanced PPE. Presented draft of new questions for revised SCS Safety Exam.

Meeting Materials: Slides, SCS Safey Exam Questions

August 6th

Summary: Best Practices Regarding Vacuum Pump Safety, Rotating Equipment, Electrical Safety, and Cutting Tool Safety

Meeting Materials: Slides

June 25th

Summary: New EPA Waste Regulation

Meeting Materials: Slides

April 16th

Summary: Dealing with Specialty Waste and our new initiative: Safe Operation Cards

Meeting Materials: Slides

March 19th

Summary: Interfacing with Facilities and Services

Meeting Materials: Slides

February 12th

Summary: SOP Workshop review, Safety minute brainstorm

Meeting Materials: Slides


December 4th

Summary: Roles and responsibilities of Lab Safety Officers

Meeting Materials: Slides

October 23rd

Summary: Discussion on bonding/grounding flammable solvents.

Meeting Materials: Slides

August 16th

Summary: Discussion on resources for evaluating chemical compatibility.

Meeting Materials: Slides

July 19th

Summary: Discussion on Evaluating Emergency Shutdown Procedures. LSOs worked in small groups to come up with ideas for a template for an Emergency Shutdown Checklist. Discussion of recent incidents and introduction of new reporting form.

Meeting Materials: Slides

June 14th

Summary: Discussion on How to Deal with Unknown Waste. Discussion of recent incidents including two led by Profs Denmark and Girolami.

Meeting Materials: Slides

April 12th

Summary: Discussed recent incidents reported through using the new template. Training regarding preparing for, preventing, and dealing with chemical spills. Resources provided by DRS.

Meeting Materials: Slides

March 1st

Summary: Introduced new anonymous reporting system for incidents and near misses. PowerPoint template provided. Discussion of Annual Safety Updates, including what must be and could be included, and suggestions for organization. Examples from two groups provided.

Meeting Materials: Slides, Annual Safety Update Requirements Handout

February 1st

Summary: Discussion on Laboratory Safety Plans, including what must be included and popular strategies for organization. LSOs could bring in their plans for personalized comments.

Meeting Materials: Slides


December 7th

Summary: Roll-out of the new JST Website (via Illinois Wiki). Discussion of of the roles and responsibilities of an LSO.

Meeting Materials: Slides, Roles and Responsibilities of an LSO Handout, Feedback form

October 5th

Summary: Discussion on how to train new students in a research group and demonstration of navigating the DRS website. Introduced the new safety walk-through template.

Meeting Materials: Slides, Safety Walk-through Template

August 24th

Summary: Held a general debrief about DRS audit. Dr. Stephanie Hess (Assistant Director of DRS) in attendance.

Meeting Materials: No Slides for this meeting

July 27th

Summary: Discussion on the roles and responsibilities of an LSO. Provided comprehensive list of safety contacts with the department, SCS, and DRS.

Meeting Materials: Slides, Roles and Responsibilities of an LSO Handout, Safety Contacts

June 29th

Summary: Provided updates on the safety survey and safety glasses boxes installation progress. Introduced summer projects.

Meeting Materials: Slides

May 15th and 16th

Summary: First LSO monthly meeting held during the first annual Safety Week. Introduced the JST mission statement and both short and long term goals.

Meeting Materials: Slides, Top Ten Safety Hazards Handout

February 28th 

Summary: This meeting introduced the newly formed JST to LSOs in the Department of Chemistry and solicited feedback on first steps.

Meeting Materials: Slides