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First General Meeting – Spring 2020

We held our first meeting of the Spring 2020 semester on February 5, 2020, where we shared our upcoming events for the month and held a short professional development session on using LinkedIn and Handshake. Thank you to everyone who showed up!

Upcoming Events

  • February 22- Champaign Public Library Outreach Event
  • February 28 – Movie Night Social from 6-8 PM at La Casa Cultural Latina
  • March 2 – Cena y Ciencias
  • March 11 – Second General Meeting – Spring 2020


2019-2020 Board Members

As we are entering the new school year, we’d like to congratulate and welcome our new board members for 2019-2020!

President: Edzna Garcia Ramirez

Vice President: Isamar Pastrana-Otero

Secretary: Raul Sun Han Chang

Treasurer: Ephraim Morado

Webmaster: Gabriela Ibarra

Cena y Ciencias Coordinator: Zully Perez-Sierra

Graduate Liason: Jazmin Aguilar-Romero

Undergraduate Liason: Alondra Sanchez