Whose Line is it Anyway?

After resubmitting my second critical analysis paper, I viewed the originality report and saw that my paper had a 9% overall match. The only thing that was highlighted was a quote I used from an article. It was only highlighted because the same quote was found in a different student’s paper. However, this would not read more »

Writing is Pottery

When I think about writing, the first thing that pops into mind is diversity because everyone has their own style. So to me, writing is pottery. One makes pottery in whichever shape or form that they please, and design it with unique details. As for writing, each individual structures their papers into paragraphs, and use quotes as read more »

Immigrants Make America Great

They call us “Undocumented illegal immigrants.” My poem is about my race. I am Mexican and many people see us as illegal immigrants. Ever since the 2016 Presidential Elections, there have been many racial comments. More specifically, many racial comments about Mexicans. President Donald Trump wants to build a wall to “Make America Great Again” read more »

Officially Unofficial

After reading the “Unofficial” sources and taking the “Rethink The Drink” quiz, I have gained useful information on how I should act this upcoming weekend. Having many people drink on campus can make it unsafe on the streets, and it can cause disruption within classrooms if students are intoxicated. There are going to be many read more »

The Importance of a Research Topic

For my paper, my research question is: how will the lack of federal funding for Planned Parenthood affect those in having access to healthcare? This topic intersects with money and health. I have chosen to write about this topic because, after our current election, there have been conservative officials who want to cut funds from read more »

How to Choose a Research Topic

In “An Interview with Philip Gerard,” Gerard stated, “I really don’t believe in write what you know. I believe in write what you really want to find out about.” Here, Gerard is interpreting that one should not write a research paper on a topic one is already familiarized with, but instead choose a topic one read more »

How To Aid In Research

Dear Yulexi, I specifically wanted to ask YOU on what I should write my research paper on because you are an open minded person and give great advice. I know you’re not in college yet, but soon you will be and you too will have to write a research paper. I was thinking of writing read more »

How to Succeed

In my first critical analysis, I received a 9.3 out of 10. For the most part, I did exceptionally well, but I know I can do better. The lowest point I received was a .75 and it was because of the title. The title was not original which is why I was given a low read more »

Hello world!

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