The Importance of a Research Topic

For my paper, my research question is: how will the lack of federal funding for Planned Parenthood affect those in having access to healthcare? This topic intersects with money and health. I have chosen to write about this topic because, after our current election, there have been conservative officials who want to cut funds from Planned Parenthood because they do not want to support those in favor of abortions. However, Planned Parenthood is not just a facility who offer terminations, they present other services as well. For instance, they give advice on family planning, contraception, reproductive problems, and offer cancer screenings. So, I want to go into depth of this dilemma and determine the consequences it would put on those in having access to healthcare. I also want to gain information on the different perspectives of people who are in favor of Planned Parenthood, and those who oppose it. I feel that it is important to know where each person comes from, but also know how far federal officials can go without violating one’s rights.

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