Writing is Pottery

When I think about writing, the first thing that pops into mind is diversity because everyone has their own style. So to me, writing is pottery.

When someone starts a paper, the first thing they think about is the structure and how they are going to format the paper. This is where the writer thinks about the arrangement of the introduction, thesis, supporting claims, evidence, and conclusion. This is like making pottery because before one starts thinking about the designs, they have to think about the shape they want to mold the clay into. This is an important part because it is the start to a beautiful product. 

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Taken from gettyimages

Once you begin to write, you think about the evidence to support your claims. This is the part where the writer adds crucial detail to make their statements stronger and analyze the sources with personal thoughts. This is like making pottery because once you have your desired shape, you add detail by adding unique designs and color to your vase. Just like in writing, pottery is made by personal opinions, feelings, and intentions. Having such features in your writing and on your vase keeps the audience interested in your final work of art.  

Taken from Bowlin