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President of the UIUC Science Policy Group and a graduate student in biophysics. Great to meet you!

Science Policy Group Writing Workshop 2019

On September 19, over 30 people attended our Memo Writing Workshop! The event was co-headlined by Dr. Carolyn Wisniewski and Evin Groundwater from Writing Workshop, who presented on how to write a policy memo, and Ananya Sen, who presented on how to communicate science effectively through blogs. During the event, attendees learned how to adjust their communication style based on the person who was being communicated with, and Ananya answered questions about how to get in to writing blogs.

Ananya has previously written about the Science Policy Group for the Beckman Institute; a link to her article about the group can be found here. More information about the Writer’s Workshop can be obtained here.

Ananya informs attendees on how to write effective blogs

Science Policy Group Writing Workshop!

Hey everyone! We hope you had a great summer. To kick off the new year, we will be hosting a science policy writing workshop that will teach attendees how to communicate science effectively, taking into account audience. Free lunch will be provided! You can register here, and for further information you can email Santa at santanu2@illinois.edu. Hope to see you there!