The Journal of Science Policy & Governance (JSPG) is an internationally recognized, open-access, peer-reviewed publication dedicated to elevating students, post-docs, policy fellows and young scholars in science, technology and innovation policy and governance debate worldwide. Since 2011, JSPG has served as a vehicle for students and early career researchers to bolster their research and writing credentials in science policy.

JSPG publishes high quality articles on an accelerated timeline and serves as an independent platform to enable the next generation of STEM leaders to contribute nuanced, bold, and innovative solutions on the widest range of topics in science, technology and innovation policy and governance.

Established by senior leaders and young scholars in S&T policy, JSPG’s mission is to catalyze the engagement of students and early career researchers in science policy and governance debate through policy research and writing. Through national and international partnerships, collaborations, and outreach, JSPG seeks to elevate the visibility and enhance the skills of young scholars in science policy and governance.

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