Reading Group

Affiliated with the Science Policy Group, this reading group will focus on intersectionality in science education and policy. Introducing readings from critical race theory and feminism, we will examine how the inclusion and exclusion of marginalized groups shapes STEM education and scientific policy-making. Open to both undergraduates and graduate students, participants need no background in social sciences or cultural studies. We will have bimonthly meetings to discuss the readings with guest lecturers in the field.

Meeting times: Second and Fourth Tuesday of the month from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

Location:  Asian American Cultural Center, Conference Room, 210 West Nevada Street, MC-149 Urbana, IL 61801

Contact or for more information.

Tentative Schedule and Reading List for the Reading Group: Reading Group Schedule

Every two weeks a new post will be created with a short description of the next articles that we will read and discuss and short summaries of the articles.

September 26

We had a great meeting on the 12th!  Thank you to everyone who attended and we hope to see you again for our next meeting on the 26th.   Our second meeting will begin our section on gender.   We highly recommend that you take the time to read through what we listed as ‘Additional Readings’.  Some of them are very powerful and insightful.

Article 1 : Short article on deep gender segregation in doctoral education in the United States which eventually explains the gender pay gap.
Article 2 : Meg Urry, Professor of Physics at Yale University, shares her opinion about gender equality in the sciences.
Article 3 : By describing her experiences in academia, UBC Professor Jennifer Berdahl writes how we can stop the “crazy/bitch” narrative about senior academic women.

Key policies related to sex and gender research  

Additional Reading:
Understanding Female experiences
Gender Microaggressions
Reflections on workshops
Science’s Sexual Assault Problem
If Men could menstruate

September 12

Hello everyone and thank you for your interest in our Reading Group!   We hope that this Reading Group will equip all of us with a greater understanding of the intricacies and complexities of science policy, especially when it pertains to social issues.   If you have not yet checked out the Reading Group tentative schedule, please do so:   Reading Group Schedule.

We will be meeting at the Asian American Cultural Center in the basement at 5:30 on September 12 for our first discussion about Diversity and the sciences.

We are very excited to announce that Dr. Eboni Zamani-Gallaher will be our first guest facilitator for the group. Dr. Zamani-Gallaher researches both policy and diversity based questions in academic environment. In addition, she is highly experienced with studying affirmative action in higher education.

We ask that everyone read the following readings before we meet to maximize our potential for conversation concerning these issues.

Article 1 –  A Q/A with a professor who advocates for the importance of Diversity through model systems
Article 2   Game with article 2  – An interactive and descriptive article about the ‘Parable of the polygons’ by Vi Hart and Nicky Case.  This game/parable brings home how a few ‘small’ biases can lead to a segregated world and worldview.
Article 3 : Article explaining why STEM diversity is important to all (backed up by statistics).

US Affirmative Action facts : CNN article with a timeline on selected court cases on Affirmative action.

Additional reading:
Gender vs. Biological Sex
Understanding Gender
What is Intersectionality
FAQs on Affirmative Action
STEM Index:  Gender Gap is growing
Follow up on Article 1 – Follow up article on Article 1 summarizing major results from Scott E Page’s work on the importance of diversity.