Please email the current committee chair if you are interested in joining a committee! Current leadership is listed here and a schedule of committee meetings will be posted on our calendar here.

Inform Committee: Informing students and members of the community about what science policy is:

  • Speaker series and panel discussions
  • Student discussions (brown bag lunch style)
  • Annual SPG notable speaker
  • Partnered events with other groups on campus

Professional Development Committee: The PDC creates skill-building and developmental opportunities for STEM students interested in pursuing science policy careers through various programs, workshops and events such as:

  • Networking Workshops
  • Science Policy Fellowship Workshops
  • The Sustainability and Science Policy Workshop
  • A network that connects UIUC students interested in collaborating on submissions to the Journal of Science Policy and Governance
  • Science Policy Bootcamps and Certification Programs here at UIUC

Advocacy Committee: After students at UIUC are informed and equipped with the skills to affect change, we aim to advocate for change in specific science policies:

  • Build relationships with local representatives
  • Send students to Springfield and DC
  • Organize call-a-representative-day and write-a-representative-day events
  • Provide members with legislative updates