2018 SPG elections

We are soliciting self-nominations for the 2018 SPG Executive Board! The Executive board includes the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Webmaster, Advertising Chair, Professional Development Committee Chair, Inform Committee Chair, Advocacy Committee Chair, and Partnerships Chair. Descriptions of the responsibilities of each position can be found below. If you are interested in running for a board position and would like more information, please email spg.uiuc@gmail.com to set up a meeting with our president.

Apply by filling out this form: https://illinois.edu/fb/sec/1656149. Nominations will be accepted through October 27th. Ballots will then be sent to voting members and the results announced shortly after.



  • Call and preside over  Board meetings
  • Provide leadership and direction to the Board
  • Serve as a liaison to the faculty advisor and the National Science Policy Group
  • Prepare a detailed year-end report and conduct an annual review of the bylaws
  • Assist Board members in fulfilling their duties when they are unable to do so

Vice President

  • Provide assistance to the President in leading the Board
  • Record and distribute Board meeting minutes
  • Maintain and regularly update the voting membership list
  • Manage the SPG ListServ and the SPG Box account
  • Conduct Board elections
  • Lead the Board in the event the President is unable to do so


  • Maintain all financial records of the organization
  • Facilitate reimbursements
  • Locate fundraising opportunities and secure funding for the organization
  • Prepare monthly budget updates for the Board meetings and annual budget report


  • Serve as the administrator for the SPG website, email,  and social media accounts  (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Gmail), posting updates before and after events
  • Ensure that pictures are taken for each event and uploaded to the appropriate account
  • Use online presence to inform new members about the group
  • Work closely with Advertising Director to promote SPG events to members


  • Create flyers for and advertise SPG sponsored events
  • Target advertising to recruit new members
  • Work closely with the Webmaster and committee members to promote SPG events to the UIUC campus

Committee Chairs (Inform, Professional Development, and Advocacy Committees)

  • Arranges monthly committee meetings
  • Manage a team that develops events and programs in keeping with the committee’s mission
  • Draft agendas and record minutes for those meetings
  • Guide committee members on event planning including:
    • Appointing individuals as leads/chairs for specific events
    • Setting deadlines for milestones of event planning
    • Facilitating discussions on project ideas and development
    • Troubleshooting and stepping in when members need assistance
  • Attends monthly executive board meetings
  • Serves as the middle-man from the board to the committee
  • Informs the board of the committees progress and plans
  • Informs the committee of directives of the board
  • Ensures no overlap in events/programs being planned by other committees

Partnerships Chair

  • Develop connections with GSOs/professional society student chapters to identify the following:
    • Existing science policy resources on campus
    • Potential co-sponsors for upcoming events
    • Opportunities to recruit new members from departments currently under-represented in SPG

Publicity: Science Policy Group Hosts Brown Bag Luncheon About Diversity Initiatives in STEM

Check out a great article from I-STEM about our Diversity Policy Discussion: http://www.istem.illinois.edu/news/diversity.panel.html

On April 19th, a number of University folk interested in increasing diversity in STEM attended a brown bag luncheon, “Diversity Initiatives in STEM.” The featured speakers at the event were Ellen Wang Althaus, Director of Graduate Diversity in the Chemistry Department, and Jennifer Greene, a Professor in Educational Psychology. Sponsoring the event was a new RSO (Registered Student Organization), the Science Policy Group, which began in fall of 2016.

Publicity: Science Policy Group Seeks to Foster Careers in, Educate About, and Advocate for Science Policy

Check out this article from the I-STEM Education Initiative on SPG’s beginnings, recent efforts, & future goals!

“We are only as powerful as the people that decide to join.” – Libby Haywood, MCB Graduate Student and Chair of the SPG Professional Development Committee

While the Science Policy Group, which began in January of 2017, might be the new kids on the block when it comes to RSOs (Registered Student Organizations), they’re not hesitant to tackle some weighty subjects, like diversity in STEM or President Trump’s impact on science education. Their latest coup? They’ve invited Illinois State Senator Scott Bennett to drop by campus to participate in a dialog about Science Policy at 4:00 pm on July 13, 2017, at Beckman Auditorium…and invite everyone to attend.

UIUC Student Day at the Capitol

Illinois Connection hosted its annual “Student Day at the Capitol” event facilitated by the Student Advocacy Coalition, bringing together students from all three U of I campuses.  The main objective this year was advocating for funding public higher education in the state of Illinois.  Students met with representatives and senators of the state legislature to spread this message, including our own Ryan Rooney seen talking with State Representative Carol Ammons, who represents Urbana. There is another trip planned for May 10th, details can be found at http://www.cvent.com/events/2017-day-at-the-capitol-springfield/event-summary-81fff9021b7447dda7b410f3f9ab31e8.aspx

JSPG Submissions

Want to publish in the Journal of Science Policy and Governance? The Professional Development Committee is preparing submissions. If you’d like to participate, please fill out our survey and we will contact you with more information!
More information about the JSPG: http://www.sciencepolicyjournal.org

Sustainability and Science Policy

The Science Policy Group has recently been awarded funding for a proposal submitted to the Student Sustainability Committee (SSC)! This proposal outlines a project that first aims to educate the campus and community about how science policies relate to sustainability. Then, it gives students the opportunity to learn how to influence policy decisions and communicate with lawmakers through an interactive workshop. Finally, those students can apply their skills by volunteering with an established sustainability advocacy group. Thanks Ryan, Courtney, and Kali for all your hard work in the application process!

Follow us on Facebook and twitter for more updates about this upcoming project.

Join a Committee in UIUC’s Science Policy Group

The Science Policy Group held its first executive board meeting in November! Our events will be divided into three main objectives: to inform students about current science policy topics, to equip them with the skills needed to communicate effectively about these issues, and to help them advocate for change in specific science policies. Thus, we have 3 committees to work on these various projects – tentatively called the informequip, and advocate committees.

Given the current events in Washington, the driving force for us to create a vibrant science policy space on campus is greater than ever. We are dreaming big, but our vision depends on effective work at the committee level. With enough people on the committees, the work can be divided up to make this a manageable time commitment. Committees will meet monthly, at a day/time TBD by committee members. If you are interested, please sign up for a committee via this Google Form. The results are open to view so you can see how many people have signed up and decide accordingly. https://goo.gl/forms/8SHXm51RVrDBy93x1