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NIH RO1 (Role: Co-I; PI: Neha Gothe). Yoga, Aerobic, and stretching exercise effects on neurocognitive performance: a randomized controlled trial. Awarded: $3,584,875

USDA NIFA (Role: Co-I; PI: Hannah Holscher). Walnuts, the human gastrointestinal microbiome, and metabolic health. Awarded: $500,000 (Aug 2020- 2023).

North Dakota Beef Commission, Primary Investigator: “Defining beef and meal frequency as key components of a healthy eating pattern for muscle health and well-being”. Awarded: $179,024 (Aug 2020-June 2022)

Almond Board of CA., Co-Investigator (PI: Hannah Holscher): Effect of almond consumption on the gastrointestinal microbiota and postprandial glucose handling in overweight & obese adults. Awarded: $409,086.00 (Nov 04 2019 – Nov 30 2021)

Dairy Management Inc., Primary Investigator: “Dairy food consumption and its effect on inflammation and the postprandial regulation of muscle protein synthesis”.
Awarded: $460,293 (July 2019 – May 2021)

Future Interdisciplinary Research Explorations (FIRE) program., Co-Investigator (PI: Hannah Holscher): “The microbial and metabolic impact of walnut consumption in adults with obesity”. Awarded: $60,000 (May 2019 – Sept 30 2021)

Office of Research, College of ACES, University of Illinois. (Role: Co-I; PI: Juan Loor). A systems approach to define biological pathways utilizing methyl groups from methionine and choline in dairy cattle. Awarded: $50,000 (March 2020 – 2021).

UIUC Research Board, Primary Investigator: “Exercise regulation of muscle protein synthesis in hemodialysis patients”.
Awarded: $25,000 (October 2018 – 2021)


National Cattleman’s Association/ND Beef, Co-Investigator (PI: Hannah Holscher): “Delineating the Influence of the Gut Microbiota on the Impact of Regular Beef Consumption on Training Induced Gains in Muscle Strength and Performance”
Awarded: $39,219 (July 2019 – Dec 2020)

Vision 20/20 program, Primary Investigator: “Food first approach to stimulate muscle protein synthesis in health adults”
Awarded: $20,000 (September 2018 – 2020)

Alliance for Potato Research & Education (APRE), Primary Investigator: “Ingestion of potatoes as a nutritional strategy to improve cycling time-trial performance in endurance trained cyclist”
Awarded: $90,378 USD

BiRimingham­Illinois Partnership for Discovery, EnGagement, and Education (BRIDGE) Seed Grant, C0-PI (with Leigh Breen): “Identifying the human protein turnover signature associated with exercise and inactivity by the use of dynamic proteomics”.
Awarded: $9,000 USD (UIUC); £8500 (UoB)

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Primary-Investigator: “The influence of regular beef consumption and protein density of the diet on training induced gains in muscle strength and performance in healthy adults”.
Awarded: $253,626 USD

Hass Avocado Board, Co-Investigator: “Investigating the Effects of Avocado Intake on Metabolic and Cognitive Health: A Systems Approach”.
Awarded: $887,221 USD

National Pork Board, Primary-Investigator: “Effect of pork ingestion on postprandial mitochondrial protein synthesis and inflammation in healthy weight, overweight, and obese adults”.
Awarded: $42,348 USD-Completed

Division of Nutritional Sciences 20/20 research program award, Primary Investigator: “Whole egg versus egg white consumption on postprandial protein handling in vivo in humans”
Awarded: $20,000 USD-Completed

Division of Nutritional Sciences Vision 20/20 research program award, Co-Investigator: “The effects of overweight/obesity and acute dietary protein ingestion on muscle stem cell function”.
Awarded: $22,500 USD- Completed

National Pork Board, Primary Investigator: “Postprandial muscle protein synthetic response after high quality pork consumption in lean, overweight, and obese adults”.
Awarded: $135,400 USD-Completed

UIUC Center on Health, Aging, and Disability, Primary Investigator: “Protein ingestion after endurance exercise for muscle mass maintenance and metabolic health”
Awarded: $20,000 USD-Completed

University of Toronto Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education Research Grant, Co-Investigator: “Development of intrinsically-labeled egg proteins for the study of human protein metabolism”.
Awarded: $5,000 CAD-Completed

UIUC Research Board, Primary Investigator: “The time-dependent measurement of postprandial muscle protein synthesis rates by the use of doubly labeled milk proteins in humans”
Awarded: $30,000 USD-Completed

Graduate Student Fellowships

2019 Division of Nutritional Sciences Margin of Excellence Research Program, Susannah Scaroni, DNS graduate student: “Defining optimal carbohydrate strategies for elite athletes”
Awarded: $3,000

2019 Division of Nutritional Sciences Margin of Excellence Research Program, Colleen McKenna, DNS graduate student: “Exercise regulation of skeletal muscle mass in hemodailysis patients”
Awarded: $5,000

CAPES Foundation (Ministry of Education of Brazil), Amadeo Salvador, KCH graduate student: “Effect of the protein density of the diet on the skeletal muscle adaptive response to resistance exercise training”
Awarded: $200,000 USD

Egg Nutrition Center/American Egg Board, Stephan van Vliet, KCH graduate student: “Nutritional strategies to support skeletal muscle mass maintenance with advancing age”
Awarded: $20,000 USD – Completed

ACSM Foundation Doctoral Student Grant, Joseph Beals, DNS graduate student: “Resistance exercise as a strategy to enhance basal and postprandial muscle protein synthesis in obese adults”
Awarded: $5,000 USD – Completed

European Society for clinical nutrition and metabolism (ESPEN), Stephan van Vliet, KCH graduate student: “Protein ingestion as a strategy to enhance muscle protein anabolism in hemodialysis patients”
Awarded: €50,000 – Completed

ACSM Foundation Doctoral Student Grant, Stephan van Vliet, KCH graduate student: “Intrinsically labeled egg protein for the in vivo measurement of human protein metabolism”
Awarded: $5,000 USD-Completed