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Current Studies

Current research studies with active recruitment in our lab:

  • Nutritional strategies for endurance trained athletes study  (Active recruitment)

  • Resistance exercise training and nutrition study (Active recruitment)


  • Acute resistance exercise in strength trained athletes study (Active recruitment)

Cluster Set_Burd_Participant Flyer


  • Acute resistance exercise and nutrition in women study (Active recruitment)

Japan Curves_Burd_Participant Flyer


  • Acute exercise and nutrition in men & women study (closed)

Joe study

  • Muscle mass maintenance in hemodialysis patients & healthy people (closed)


  • PATH Study: http://pathstudy.fshn.illinois.edu/ (Active recruitment)

Please contact us for further information about our studies or visit our facebook page for studies with active recruitment.

Email: NutritionExerciseLab@illinois.edu

Facebook: www.facebook.com/nutritionexerciselab