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Undergraduate Students

(Not Pictured: Noah Moore, Steven Pochron, Abigail Orhnstein, Maddie Wohl, Tam Le, Susannah Scaroni )

Research Assistants (Current)

Sal Akhtar – Community Health

Thilinie  Bandara – Molecular and Cellular Biology

Ryan Cloud – Kinesiology

Yuliya Drab – Kinesiology

Samee Farooqi – Kinesiology

Kate Foster – Kinesiology

Kylie Harnen – Kinesiology

Carly Hofreiter – Molecular and Cellular Biology

Bertin Jaimes – Kinesiology

Jay R. Johnson – Kinesiology

Ari Jones – Community Health

Steven Pochron – Kinesiology

Elizabeth Poozhikunnel – Molecular and Cellular Biology

Michael Prochazka – Kinesiology

Michael Rodriguez – Kinesiology

Lukas Talaga – Molecular and Cellular Biology

Stephanie Teeling – Molecular and Cellular Biology

Brandon Vavra – Molecular and Cellular Biology

Maddie Wohl – Kinesiology


Research Assistants (2016-2017)

Brandon Pagni  – Molecular and Cellular Biology

Noah Moore – Kinesiology

Jessica Typsin – Kinesiology

Steven Pochron – Kinesiology

Emily Ciasto – Kinesiology

Benjamin Schwartz – Kinesiology

Abigail Orhnstein – Kinesiology

Maddie Wohl  – Kinesiology        

Ari Jones – Community Health                       

Ed Borstein – Kinesiology                                                        

Tam Le – Molecular and Cellular Biology  

Thilinie Bandara – Molecular and Cellular Biology                                                  

Lukas Talaga – Molecular and Cellular Biology  

Zach Parks – Molecular and Cellular Biology 

Stephanie Teeling – Molecular and Cellular Biology  

Hugo Tam – Food Science and Human Nutrition

Susannah Scaroni – Food Science and Human Nutrition 

Please contact Dr. Burd for further information with regards to undergraduate research opportunities within the Nutrition and Exercise Performance Research Group.

Email: naburd@illinois.edu