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Undergraduate Students

(Not Pictured: Noah Moore, Steven Pochron, Abigail Orhnstein, Maddie Wohl, Tam Le, Susannah Scaroni )

Research Assistants (2018-2019)

Kate Foster, Kinesiology

Annabelle Shaffer, Human Nutrition, Dietetics

Ethan Taira, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Adam Skoff, Kinesiology              

Ryan Cloud, Kinesiology

Alex Keeble, Kinesiology

Adriana Miltko, Kinesiology

Michael Prochazka, Kinesiology

Ramses Padilla, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Jack Dokhanchi, Integrative Biology

Elizabeth Poozhikunnel, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Charlotte Trecartin, Kinesiology

Claire Ryan, Human Nutrition, Dietetics

Anna Piperi, Kinesiology


Research Assistants (Summer 2018)

Jack Dokhanchi, Integrative Biology

Ryan Cloud, Kinesiology

Ramses Padilla, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Adriana Militko, Kinesiology

Ethan Taira, Molecular and Cellular Biology, 2018

Annabelle Shaffer, Human Nutrition, 

Alex Keeble, Kinesiology


Research Assistants (2017-2018)

Sal Akhtar – Community Health

Thilinie  Bandara – Molecular and Cellular Biology

Ryan Cloud – Kinesiology

Yuliya Drab – Kinesiology

Samee Farooqi – Kinesiology

Kate Foster – Kinesiology

Kylie Harnen – Kinesiology

Carly Hofreiter – Molecular and Cellular Biology

Bertin Jaimes – Kinesiology

Jay R. Johnson – Kinesiology

Ari Jones – Community Health

Steven Pochron – Kinesiology

Elizabeth Poozhikunnel – Molecular and Cellular Biology

Michael Prochazka – Kinesiology

Michael Rodriguez – Kinesiology

Lukas Talaga – Molecular and Cellular Biology

Stephanie Teeling – Molecular and Cellular Biology

Brandon Vavra – Molecular and Cellular Biology

Maddie Wohl – Kinesiology


Research Assistants (2016-2017)

Brandon Pagni  – Molecular and Cellular Biology

Noah Moore – Kinesiology

Jessica Typsin – Kinesiology

Steven Pochron – Kinesiology

Emily Ciasto – Kinesiology

Benjamin Schwartz – Kinesiology

Abigail Orhnstein – Kinesiology

Maddie Wohl  – Kinesiology        

Ari Jones – Community Health                       

Ed Borstein – Kinesiology                                                        

Tam Le – Molecular and Cellular Biology  

Thilinie Bandara – Molecular and Cellular Biology                                                  

Lukas Talaga – Molecular and Cellular Biology  

Zach Parks – Molecular and Cellular Biology 

Stephanie Teeling – Molecular and Cellular Biology  

Hugo Tam – Food Science and Human Nutrition

Susannah Scaroni – Food Science and Human Nutrition 


Research Assistants (2014-2015)

Thomas Pickett, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Zachary Polentini, Kinesiology

Steven Pochron, Kinesiology

Jay Johnson, Kinesiology

Baylee Hussain, Community Health

Brandon Pagni, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Justin Young, Kinesiology,

Noah Moore, Kinesiology

Emily Smiarowski, Kinesiology

Jessica Tyspin, Kinesiology


Research Assistants (2013-2014)

Timothy Colombo, Kinesiology

Tyler Green, Kinesiology

Jihad Abu-Khalil, Kinesiology

For further information with regards to undergraduate research opportunities within the Nutrition and Exercise Performance Research Group, please see the contact page (Contact>Undergraduate research application).