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We are currently recruiting keen graduate students to join our group. The primary interest of graduate students within the group is related to exercise, nutrition, and substrate metabolism, and studying their integration in humans.   Training opportunities include stable isotope methods (primed constant infusion and heavy water approaches) and various molecular techniques.

If you are interested in joining our group, please feel free to contact Dr. Burd with your CV or resume with a brief note of research interests.

Information related to our PhD in Kinesiology (area of study: exercise physiology) or the Division of Nutritional Sciences can be found in the links below:

Kinesiology: https://ahs.illinois.edu/kinesiology/phd

DNS: https://nutrsci.illinois.edu/about

Nutrition and Exercise Performance Research Group
Department of Kinesiology and Community Health
Louis Freer Hall
906 South Goodwin Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801

Email: naburd@illinois.edu

Lab Directions

Our research lab is located in 125 Freer Hall, 906 S. Goodwin Ave., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Group Email: NutritionExerciseLab@illinois.edu

Directions to Freer Hall located at 906 S Goodwin Ave., Urbana, IL 61801


From I-74

  1. Take exit 183 for Lincoln Ave                                                                      0.3 mi
  2. Turn right at N Lincoln Ave (signs for Urbana)                                       2.0 mi
  3. Turn right at W Nevada St                                                                            0.2 mi
  4. Turn left at S Goodwin Ave                                                                          236 ft

From Savoy, IL

  1. Head north on N Dunlap Ave/US-45 toward W Tomaras Ave             2.7 mi
  2. Turn right at Florida Ave                                                                              1.2 mi
  3. Turn left at S Maryland Dr                                                                           0.2 mi
  4. Turn right at W Pennsylvania Ave                                                              305 ft
  5. Turn left at S Dorner Dr                                                                               0.2 mi
  6. Turn left at W Gregory Dr                                                                            0.1 mi
  7. Turn right at S Goodwin Ave                                                                       420 ft

 From Urbana

  1. Head south on S Cottage Grove Ave toward E Washington St             348 ft
  2. Turn right at E Washington St                                                                    1.2 mi
  3. Turn right at S Busey Ave                                                                            348 ft
  4. Turn left at W Nevada St                                                                              459 ft
  5. Turn left at S Lincoln Ave                                                                            177 ft
  6. Turn right at W Nevada St                                                                           0.2 mi
  7. Turn left at S Goodwin Ave                                                                         236 ft

From West Champaign

  1. Head east on W William St toward Hollycrest Dr                                 0.3 mi
  2. Turn left at S Mattis Ave                                                                             0.4 mi
  3. Turn right at IL-10/W Springfield Ave                                                    2.8 mi
  4. Turn right at S Goodwin Ave                                                                     0.5 mi