Are You Original?

From examining my originality report, I see that online plagiarizing checking can be quite strict. For example, they thought the date I assigned my paper was from CNN. I am pretty sure I was just writing the date I turned in the paper. Apparently the title of my article was someone else’s title as well. I made the title myself so It is not plagiarism. There were two instances where it says I plagiarized from a New York Times article. It was considered plagiarism because I used a couple of the same words from the article. In retrospect, I should of used better words to avoid this situation. Overall, my paper did not have any other issues nor did the originality report say so. I had 12 percent plagiarism from the report, but in reality it was a lot lower than that. Teachers probably are concerned that this report will catch their students cheating. On the other hand, the originality report may not catch anything, so a teacher will be concerned about that. All teachers want to see is truthful students and unique papers.

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