Reflection of Essay

Taken from UIUC

The revision process of my annotated bibliography started off with telling the reader if my sources were peer reviewed. I forgot to consistently say if they were peer reviewed or not; however, I mentioned in some sources that they were scholarly articles. It was inconsistent. My annotated bibliography is more clear and concise now. It was not a bad paper before, but now It is more organized. To make it more concise I deleted unnecessary words. For example, words like “basically” and “these” are not needed in my annotated bibliography. It is just a waste of space. In addition, I added a bit more analysis of the sources. From writing an annotated bibliography, I now know that I am skilled at finding current and credible sources. Research done through the University of Illinois is easy when you have an ample amount of resources. For future papers in college, finding excellent sources will come easily to me.