Are You Original?

From examining my originality report, I see that online plagiarizing checking can be quite strict. For example, they thought the date I assigned my paper was from CNN. I am pretty sure I was just writing the date I turned in the paper. Apparently the title of my article was someone else’s title as well. read more »

My Writing is a Warm Cookie

My writing is like a warm cookie. I say this because cookies are simple, easy to bake, and enjoyed by most people. I am not saying my writing is terrific, but I am saying people tend to tolerate my writing. Everybody has a different cookie recipe and everyone has a different taste palate. Some cookies read more »

What’s your nationality? Oh you’re Polish…

“What’s your nationality? Oh you’re Polish…”. When I was a kid, I was always embarrassed to say that I was Polish. While growing up, being polish was always looked down upon when I told people, including my friends. Even today sometimes there is judgement and hesitation when I say that I am Polish.  I have read more »


After reading the sources on unofficial St. Patrick’s day at U of I, my perceptions did not change.  Before I even came to the university, I already heard about the crazy drinking festivities tied to this unofficial holiday. However, I surprisingly did poorly on the drinking quiz.  Students at the University of Illinois care about read more »

Research Question Confirmed

Like Gerard says, you have to find a topic you are curious to learn more about, research it, and then write about it. My research question is, “what types of resources are available on college campuses for transgender students?”.  I am curious to learn more about the transgender situation on college campuses.  I have never read more »

Gerard Interview and My Research Paper

I thought the Gerard interview was quite interesting.  I never thought of the best kind of writing as the one where you have to research and find out about first. Phillip Gerard thinks that there is excitement in learning new things.  For my research topic I do not know much about it yet, so it read more »

Critical Response Feedback Continued

Dear Shannon, I know you are not familiar with college papers, but I thought I would tell you about this big research paper I will be working on this semester. Right now I am in Rhet 101 and I have to find an intriguing and demanding topic to write about.  I am thinking about writing read more »

First Critical Response Feedback

Overall, I am happy with my first critical essay.  I received an ‘A’. My title was good and I was quick to introduce my sources.  Something I need to work on is knowing when to underline and italicize articles and various other sources. I hope to continue the streak of a good writing technique!

Hello world!

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