Reflection of Essay

After revising my essay on fake news, I feel like it makes more sense than it did before. I never made it clear to the reader that one of my sources was from a satirical website. I had to better explain what satire was to the reader; therefore, I had to add another source to my paper that explained what satire was. I explained to the reader why Mike Pence would be featured in a satirical article as well. I noted that he has been a controversial man in the past. In addition, both news sources were about the Women’s March so I added a source that explained exactly what the march was about. Now the reader is not left in the dark about certain details of my paper. Also, I added a good amount of analysis throughout the paper to make it stronger. I enjoyed writing about real and fake news. It allowed me to learn more about current events that I did not know much about. I was always interested in the controversies of Mike Pence, and this essay allowed me to learn more about him and the way people view him.

Taken from CNS
Taken from ABC news