Monthly Archives: March 2017

My Writing is a Warm Cookie

My writing is like a warm cookie. I say this because cookies are simple, easy to bake, and enjoyed by most people. I am not saying my writing is terrific, but I am saying people tend to tolerate my writing. Everybody has a different cookie recipe and everyone has a different taste palate. Some cookies read more »

What’s your nationality? Oh you’re Polish…

“What’s your nationality? Oh you’re Polish…”. When I was a kid, I was always embarrassed to say that I was Polish. While growing up, being polish was always looked down upon when I told people, including my friends. Even today sometimes there is judgement and hesitation when I say that I am Polish.  I have read more »


After reading the sources on unofficial St. Patrick’s day at U of I, my perceptions did not change.  Before I even came to the university, I already heard about the crazy drinking festivities tied to this unofficial holiday. However, I surprisingly did poorly on the drinking quiz.  Students at the University of Illinois care about read more »