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Interactive Links are included on some of these  web pages.   These links are programs that are written with Visual Basic. It may  be necessary to Install the Visual Basic Runtime Module to get them running on some computers. This only has to be done once. In addition some programs require that one or more of the following  controls be installed. Each has to be installed only once. Some computers already have these controls installed, so it is recommended that a control only be installed if a program indicates that it is missing.

comdlg32       mschrt20       mscomctl

 msflxgrd        tabctl32          comctl32

To run the control file:

  1. Save the control to the desktop and expand if necessary.
  2. Right-click on the executable or batch file and run as administrator



Template for Drainage Water Management Plan

Illinois Private Sewage Disposal – Contractor Exam Preparation Website

Rating Curves for AgriDrain  Inline Control Structures

Latitude/Longitude  to XYZ Converter

Flow Calculator for AgriDrain Inline Control Structures

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Extracting xyz data from LiDAR Files

LiDARThAN Lidar Thinning Plugin:   Data files   Users Guide

Tile Slope Calculations