An Article by Mark Blankenship

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Bar and nightclub consultant Jon Taffer described alcohol establishments as “part of America’s fiber”, which is arguably true to this day and age.[1]  Between 2008 to 2018, the number of breweries in the United States rose from 1,574 to 7,450.  Additionally, in 2018, 8,391 wineries were established in North America, 7,762 of which were in the U.S.[2]  As a result, the concept of alcoholic beverage law has become a niche area of practice.[3]  Continued Legal Education panels[4] and boutique firms[5] have recently appeared across the country specializing in alcoholic beverage law.  With this apparent need for beer and wine attorneys and legislative advancement, one may think that more law schools would make developments to help facilitate this need.[6]

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