The Illinois Business Law Journal (IBLJ) is an independent, peer-reviewed student publication of the University of Illinois College of Law. The IBLJ’s twin goals are to provide readers with information and analysis on recent developments at the intersection of business and law and to give authors a creative and analytical outlet for legal areas that interest them.

The IBLJ is unique because it provides a platform for motivated and scholarly first-year law students to publish before the College of Law’s joint writing competition over the summer. Our authors are selected anonymously on a merit-based writing competition during the fall semester. The IBLJ  uniquely presents the opportunity to participate in the write-on and publish scholarship for all College of Law students.

The views expressed within the journal are attributed exclusively to the authors and do not reflect the opinions or policies of the University of Illinois, the editors, or the IBLJ. In other words, the IBLJ is a neutral association of individual students, providing its authors with an expressive medium to convey their edited analyses on legal and business import matters.

Please email the current Editor-in-Chief if you have any questions. Otherwise, you may email law-IBLJ@illinois.edu; please be aware that this account may not be actively monitored. Alternatively, you may attempt to reach the IBLJ by mail:

Illinois Business Law Journal

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