Volumes can be downloaded by clicking the headings (e.g., 22 Ill. Bus. L.J. (Summer 2017)). The IBLJ produces one new issue for each new volume at least annually.

28 Ill. Bus. L.J. (Summer 2023)

  • BOYD: Roll for Damage: Exploring the Struggle Between Intellectual Property Protections and Innovation within Tabletop Roleplay Games
  • KODAIMATI: Parallel Governance: The Path to Unlocking the Potential of Islamic Finance in a Conventional Finance System
  • MORGAN: Is Starbucks a Bank? How the Billions Consumers Upload onto Starbucks Cards Should Be Regulated
  • OH: Crimes Without Consequences: Exploring the Metaverse as a Criminal Frontier
  • STUTLER: Bringing Accounting Standards into the Modern Era: Analyzing the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s Proposed Disclosure Requirements for Digital Assets
  • TURNER: Telemental Health Takes Center Stage: How Pandemic-Era Waivers Opened the Door to Better Mental Health Care
  • WALTER: Large Language Models and Ethical Pitfalls: Testing the Legal Limits of “Robolawyering”

27 Ill. Bus. L.J. (Summer 2022)

  • BULL: I Think You Are Muted, Your Honor: The Rise of Remote Legal Proceedings and What’s in Store
  • ESTES: Robots Don’t Take Bathroom Breaks: Analyzing the Applicability of California’s A.B. 701 Legislation in Illinois
  • HOLME: Another Gold Rush: The Promise of Crypto and the Wealth Gap
  • KLIMOWICZ: Buy Now, but Pay for it Later: How BNPLs Allow Unsecured Consumer Debt to Accumulate Without Regulation
  • ROBIN: Delineating Digital Markets in Antitrust Contexts
  • SMITH: Protecting the Exercise by Workers of Full Freedom of Association: Giving the NLRB the Tools It Needs to Uphold the NLRA

26 Ill. Bus. L.J. (Summer 2021)

  • CONKLIN: Rage Against the Voting Machine: Dominion’s Defamation Lawsuit Against Sidney Powell.
  • BARDER: Market Manipulation or Just Dumb Money? The GameStop Stock Spike and What Happens Next.
  • SANDERS: Proposition 22 and Workers’ Right to Choose: Learning from California’s Efforts to Classify Independent Contractors.
  • BAIER: Replacing What Works with What Sounds Good: The Elusive Search for Workable Section 230 Reform.
  • YAW: Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200: Exploring the NCAA’s Monopoly on Athlete Compensation Behind the ‘Pay the Players’ Debate.

25 Ill. Bus. L.J. (Summer 2020)

  • FONESCA: The Rise of ESG Investing: How Aggressive Tax Avoidance Affects Corporate Governance & ESG Analysis.
  • READ: Convenience v. Confidentiality: The California Consumer Privacy Act and the Limits of its Private Right of Action.
  • BIKBAEVA: Created to Create: Why AI-Created Works Should Be Copyrightable as Works Made for Hire.
  • BLANKENSHIP JR.: A Horse Walks into a Bar: Comparing Easterbrook’s Criticized Cyberlaw Analogy to the Study of Alcoholic Beverage Law & Regulation.
  • BEEMSTERBOER: COPPA Killed the Video Star: How the Youtube Settlement Shows that COPPA Does More Harm than Good.
  • ABDURRAHMAN: Diamonds in the Dust: Why Lawyers Make the Ideal Candidate for CEO.
  • PESSAR: Is Opportunity Zone Investing Attractive to Wealthy Investors?
  • KOVACH: Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When to Fold ‘Em: How Professional Sports Leagues Should Monetize Data in the Era of Legalized Sports Gambling.
  • VON RUEDEN: Smart Players Need Smart Contracts: How Blockchain and Smart Contracts Can Revolutionize the Sports Industry.

24 Ill. Bus. L.J (Fall 2018)

  • OPPONG: Touching the Untouchables: Regulating the Internet of Things Industry in Light of the European Union’s Upcoming E-Privacy Regulation.
  • MANTCHEV: Another Brick in the Wall: The Illinois Brick Co-Conspirator Exception’s Treatment by United States Circuit Courts.
  • VISWANATHAN: Reverse Engineering: Reconciling Trade Secret Law with 3D Printing and Scanning.
  • PHAM: What Have You Done for Me Lately? How the ‘Value of .a Standard’ Should be Apportioned in FRAND Licensing Royalties.
  • OLER: Ridesharing and Regulation: How Ridesharing Apps are Regulated and How They Should be Regulated.

23 Ill. Bus. L.J. (Fall 2017)

  • WIEGAND: Keeping Information Secure: The Federal Trade Commission’s Role in Data Security
  • CORTINA: Hands Off the Wheel: An Analysis of Ethical and Legal Issues Facing Autonomous Automobiles
  • FRANKLIN: Legislating Low-Wage Non-Competes: Reconciling Policy Interests with Common Law
  • MUMMERY: To Infinity & Beyond: Legal Implications for Space Tourism
  • PARK: Leaving NAFTA: The Insurmountable Legal and Economic Challenges Facing the Trump Administration
  • WALKER: Sharing is not Caring: Internet Service Providers Selling Customer Data Without Consent
  • WOJCIECHOWSKI: Monsanto: The Death of American Farming

22 Ill. Bus. L.J. (Summer 2017)

  • BOCCELLI: Staying the Night: Integrating Home-Sharing Platforms into the Hospitality Industry
  • CHEN: Specters of Privatized Punishment: Erosions of Civil Liberties in Juvenile Prisons
  • CHUNG: Cosmetic Regulations: Loopholes in the FDA
  • GE: In Case of ERISA Violation: Exhaust the Exhaustion Requirement
  • JANKOWSKI: Internet Speech as Commerce: Tackling the Violent Left
  • NOWICKI: Equating Cybertravel with Physical Travel: The Key to Preserving a Borderless Internet without Violating U.S. Copyright Law
  • RICE: Toeing the Line: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s Possible Conflicts of Interest as Federal Employees
  • SHULTZ: Net Neutrality: Individual Privacy at Risk
  • YEOMAN: Liquid Aloha: A Case on Beer Brewed on the Shores of the Hawaiian Islands or the Banks of the Big Muddy

22 Ill. Bus. L.J. (Fall 2016)

  • BOCCELLI: Driving Solo: Solutions to the Current Patchwork of Legislation Concerning Automatic Vehicles
  • CHEN: Moving Forward from the Family Act: Implications for Working Women, Business, and Contemporary Conditions of Caretaking Labor
  • CHUNG: Is Your Bank Account Safe? Financial Institutions’ Bad Faith Malpractice
  • GE: Digital Millennium Copyright Act: Notice and Takedown on Fair Use
  • GUTT: Our Broken System: Modifying the U.S. Pharmaceutical Regulatory Scheme to Decrease Surging Prescription Drug Prices
  • HARDING: Consolidation in the Agricultural Manufacturing Industry: Does John Deere’s Proposed Buyout of Precision Planting Violate Section 7 of the Clayton Act?
  • JANKOWSKI: Timing Brexit Right: Theresa May’s Great Political Challenge
  • NAYDENOV: Disclosure Dilemma: Is Disclosure to the Government Enough to Invoke the False Claims Act’s Public Disclosure Bar
  • NOWICKI: Lack of Legal Duty to Fill Vacancies on the United States Export-Import Bank’s Board of Directors May Destroy Ex-Im Bank
  • RICE: Keeping an AI on Technological Advances in Business Law
  • SHULTZ: The Sharing Economy: Airbnb’s Discrimination Problem
  • YEOMAN: Is a 3-D Printed Object a Product?
  • YUHASZ: Quitting Quill: State Laws Challenge Quill’s Physical Presence Standard for Out-of-State Tax Collection
  • WITTENBERG: When to Disclose Data Breaches Under Federal Securities Laws

21 Ill. Bus. L.J. (Spring 2016)

  • KIM: The Agency Problem of Lehman Brothers’ Board of Director
  • GOMEZM ALFARO: Lifting the Injunctions: The end of “the trial of the century” in sovereign debt
  • KARL: Foul or Dive? Outlining the United States Women’s National Soccer Team’s Pay for Play Lawsuit
  • LOWE: Chipotle and the Need for HR Oversight In Settlement Avoidance Strategies
  • WITTENBERG: It’s a Bird . . . It’s a Plane . . . It’s a Drone! State and Local Drone Applications in Law Enforcement
  • ZENDER: A Fiduciary Duty Requirement for Financial Professionals is Great, in Theory
  • KARL: Third-Party Litigation Finance: Leveling The Playing Field or Overstepping Ethical Boundaries?
  • KIM: New Legal Problems Created by Wearable Devices
  • ZENDER: New York’s Legally Dubious and Harmful Sodium Labeling Scheme
  • WITTENBERG: The Alienability of Digital Distribution Licenses
  • LOWE: The Best Offense Is a Good Defense: The Strategic Value of Building a Strong Corporate Culture

20 Ill. Bus. L.J. (Fall 2015)

  • KARL: Daily Fantasy Sports & Modern Regulation
  • WITTENBERG: Automated Vehicles: Strict Products Liability, Negligence Liability and Proliferation
  • ZENDER: The Danger of the Gas Tax: to People, Businesses, and even to the Environment
  • LOWE: The Status of Arbitration in 2016: An Institution in Review
  • MEZEI: Why Everyone Should Condemn the BDS Movement
  • KARL: No Longer a Long Shot: Why the Odds Favor the Eventual Legalization of Sports Gambling
  • MEYER: Unnecessary Toughness: Throwing the Flag on the NFL’s New Personal Conduct Policy

19 Ill. Bus. L.J. (Fall 2014)

  • MASLAR: Two Sides of the Same [Bit]coin: Why Regulating Bitcoin Works in Its Favor
  • ST. AUBIN: The Ride-Sharing Economy: Keeping Liability in the Rearview
  • TINNEN: Practical Tips to Comply with SEC Beneficial Ownership Reporting Requirements
  • CHO: A Look at IRS’s Transfer Pricing Audit Roadmap
  • ROOT: Government Gone Overboard With Sarbanes-Oxley
  • STERNBERG: Pregnancy Discrimination in The Workplace: Proposed Changes in The Law
  • FORRISTALL: Are Fish Tangible Objects?
  • HOLM: Pirating an Industry: Ridesharing as a Subversion of Livery Regulation
  • VICKERS: Data Breaches: Is anyone responsib/le?
  • MEYER: Playing Hardball with the Rooftop Owners: The Cubs’ Case for Wrigley Field Expansion

18 Ill. Bus. L.J. (Spring 2014)

17 Ill. Bus. L.J. (Fall 2013)

16 Ill. Bus. L.J. (Spring 2013)

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