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Creating Groups in Illinois MediaSpace

Use the Course Rosters option below for creating private channels in Media Space that are available only to students of a particular course section(s).  Media Space channels would be for anyone using embed code in Compass or posting links to the Media Space video pages.  This does not apply to those posting videos in Compass read more »

Details Are Important

It’s important to provide as many details as possible when requesting assistance with one of the tools used by the eLearning department.  Regarding Illinois Media Space specifically, please include the following information in your requests to help speed the resolution process: User ID – Certain problems may only be occurring for specific user accounts.  Please provide read more »

Downloading Source Video Files from Illinois Media Space

These instructions are intended only for the Digital Media team who need to edit the source video file of an entry in Illinois Media Space. Please do not use these instructions to provide the raw video files to instructors or others without getting prior consent. These videos are the property of the University of Illinois and should read more »

Student Submission of Videos to Illinois Media Space

Create and upload your video file Log in to Illinois Media Space (http://mediaspace.illinois.edu). Choose one of the following options: Click Add New and select Express Capture.  This will allow you to create a video with an attached camera and microphone.  The Express Capture option is fully browser-based and does not require any additional software to read more »

MediaSpace Groups

Below is a list of groups that can be used for applying media or channel permissions in Illinois Media Space. Business eLearning Staff Business eLearning Digital Media Business eLearning Student Workers Business eLearning IDAs Business eLearning Team 30 Business eLearning Accessibility Business iMBA Staff Business iMSA Staff Business MarCom Staff Business Executive Education Staff Business read more »

iMBA and iMSA Live Session Recording Availability

By default, the live session recordings for the iMBA and iMSA programs are configured such that they do not become available to the students until the final live session of the week has completed.  This had previously been requested by several instructors and so it was implemented as the default behavior.  If an instructor would read more »

Creating, Applying Permissions, and  Adding Videos to a MediaSpace Channel 

Channels can be created using the Illinois MediaSpace web interface. Before creating a new channel, make sure a channel doesn’t already exist for your intended purpose.  Here are the typical uses of channels.  Course-centric repository of videos for internal organization  An example would be a channel that contains de–branded Coursera videos from a specific course offering.  This makes it read more »

Publishing a MediaSpace Channel Link

When publishing a MediaSpace channel, provide the link that is contained in the address bar when you visit that channel.  We want to use this option as much as possible.  Make sure the URL does not contain the word “edit.”  If it does, you need to navigate away from the edit page to obtain the read more »

Using Channels in Illinois Mediaspace

Channels are the preferred way to organize media in Illinois MediaSpace.  Channels are used to group videos that have a common purpose (course) or have a common audience (course offering).  The same video can reside in multiple channels and be made available to different audiences based on the security settings of those channels.  There are read more »

Rostering a MediaSpace Channel with Students Enrolled in a Course

There are two steps involved in rostering a MediaSpace channel with students enrolled in a course.  The first step is to have a Kaltura group created and its membership synchronized with the course roster group in Active Directory.  The second step is to add that newly created Kaltura group to the channel user list.  Both read more »