Publishing a MediaSpace Channel Link

When publishing a MediaSpace channel, provide the link that is contained in the address bar when you visit that channel.  We want to use this option as much as possible.  Make sure the URL does not contain the word “edit.”  If it does, you need to navigate away from the edit page to obtain the appropriate address. An example of a correct URL is:

The portion “ThisTextCanBeAnythingYouWant” can be just that and it may default to the title of the channel.  Whenever possible, reduce this text to something meaningful or just simply use “channelid.”

Most of the channels we’ve created are secure.  This means that the user must be rostered to that channel and they have to log into Illinois MediaSpace.  If they are already logged into Compass or Canvas, their credentials automatically pass to MediaSpace and they are not required to log in a second time.

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