Details Are Important

It’s important to provide as many details as possible when requesting assistance with one of the tools used by the eLearning department.  Regarding Illinois Media Space specifically, please include the following information in your requests to help speed the resolution process:

  • User ID – Certain problems may only be occurring for specific user accounts.  Please provide the user ID of the account experiencing the problem.
  • Error Message – Provide the text of the error message that is being received.  A screenshot of the error message is preferred.
  • URL – Provide the full URL displayed in the browser when the problem occurs.  The problem may be caused by a typo or an otherwise incorrect posting of the link.
  • Channel ID – It isn’t always enough to mention the title of a course when referring to a Media Space channel.  There can be many channels created for a particular course.  Please provide the channel ID to ensure we are focused on the same channel.  The channel is an eight- or nine-digit numeric value found in the URL.
  • Entry ID – As with channels, it isn’t always enough to mention the title of a particular video.  Many videos can have similar titles.  Please refer to entry IDs whenever possible.  The entry ID is a ten-digit alpha-numeric value found in the URL.  It will begin with either “0_” or “1_”.

If this information is not readily available to you, please include as much other identifying information as possible, including, but not limited to, the instructor’s name and the date or term of the recording.

Examples of requests that lack helpful information include the following:

  • “I can’t find the introductory video in the BADM 590 channel.”
  • “Students are saying in the forum that they can’t access live session recordings.”

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