Rostering a MediaSpace Channel with Students Enrolled in a Course

There are two steps involved in rostering a MediaSpace channel with students enrolled in a course.  The first step is to have a Kaltura group created and its membership synchronized with the course roster group in Active Directory.  The second step is to add that newly created Kaltura group to the channel user list.  Both steps are self-service and do not require intervention by an administrator.

To create the Kaltura group, a “request” is made by creating a channel tag that matches the Active Directory course roster group name.  An example of the AD group naming convention is below.

BADM 123 A 2019 Fall CRN12345

The information to create these group names can be found in the Course Explorer (  In many cases there is more than one section associated with an online course.  Most have a section designated for degree-seeking students and another section for non-degree-seeking students.  Each would need to be created as a separate tag.  There is then a background process that runs at 5-minute intervals that searches for these roster tags and creates the corresponding Kaltura groups.  Because Kaltura groups cannot contain spaces, the resulting Kaltura group names will, instead, contain underscores.  The Kaltura group name below would be the result of our example course.


Once the Kaltura group has been created, it can be added to the channel user list just as you would add an individual user.  Only the Kaltura group will appear as a user of the channel.  The individual members of the group will not be listed.  A web tool will be created in the near future to allow the inspection of the Kaltura group membership.

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