Week 1 | Andrew Qu

While I’ve had a decent amount of exposure to 3D printing as a concept in print media and in theoretical discussion, I haven’t had the opportunity to experience it in person. This week, guest speaker John Hornick continued the conceptual discussion on “making” and 3D printing while also expanding my horizons on the perspective change that would be required to bring the technology into industries such as fashion and distributed manufacturing. As such, my experiences thus far still remain in a ┬áhypothetical world. This makes it difficult for me to grasp an idea that I can truly pursue.

However, bits and pieces of reading and lecture have been milling around in my mind and I seem to have more interest in:

  • Wearables and fashion – how 3Dp can impact garment and footwear construction and design
  • Daily Use Doodads – contraptions of any size that make life easier
  • Internet of Things…Things – Connectivity-enabled physical objects embedded in a data-rich environment

With these broad topics in mind, I hope to develop the proper ‘maker’ mindset in future classes and bring something that was once just an idea to life!