Tools and Resources

If a topic doesn’t currently have a sub section, you will find those tools here.

Exam and Quiz Tools

  • Respondus: This software may be helpful in creating and managing exams that can either be printed or imported directly into Compass 2g/Blackboard. It can be purchased for free from the WebStore. Note, however, this is available only for Windows computers and is not available for Macs.
  • Import Questions with a TXT File: If you are not able to use Respondus on your computer, you can use an imported TXT file as an alternative.

Communication Tools

  • Campuswire: This is a FERPA-compliant discussion board and communication tool for courses. It is an alternative to Piazza and is now available via a contract with Illinois. Professors can use Campuswire to consolidate communication to replace forums, chat apps, and student response systems. NOTE: If you have students with a DRES accommodation, specifically with visual or motor impairment, this tool should not be used at all due to the risk of disparity amongst class members.

Academic Integrity

  • Proctorio: This is a free online proctoring service that allows for better supervision of students to help ensure a high level of academic integrity while also avoiding the need for scheduling an exam with a remote proctor. NOTE: Proctorio does not work with screen readers (an accessibility issue), does not work with any VPN, and it is advised that you may want to set the AI to be more lenient in case calculators are allowed for an exam.
  • ProctorU: This is an online proctoring service that allows students to schedule exams with a number of proctoring options (including live proctoring). It’s important to note that students are charged a fee for this service; because of this extra fee, the use of ProctorU must be noted when students register for the course.

For more information and best practices to maintain academic integrity in your online course, see the Best Practices in Preventing Cheating & Plagiarism page. Before using Proctorio or ProctorU, it’s recommended that you meet with one of the eLearning Specialists to see if these tools are a good fit for your course.

Campus Resources

CITL Resources

  • CITL Web Calendar: This calendar includes a list of sessions and webinars for instructors and teaching assistants related to online teaching, emerging technologies, and best practices.
  • Online Course-in-a-Box: This website includes a number of resources related to online teaching and online course design.