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Online Instructors’ Hall of Fame

If you would like to ask one of the GIES experienced online instructors, you will find their names below.

Adel Ibrahim
Andrew Allen
Aric Rindfleisch
Ashish Khandelwal
Carlos Torelli
Deepak Somaya
Doug Laney
Fataneh Taghaboni-Dutta
Fei Du
Frank Nekrasz
Gary Hecht
Geoff Love
Gerlando Lima
Hadi Esfahani
Hayden Noel
Heitor Almeida
Matthew Hutchens
Jeff Flesher
Jeff Loewenstein
Jack Goncalo
Jeff Loewenstein
Denice Lloyd
Jennifer Johnson
Jessen Hobson
Joe Bradley
Kevin Hartman
Larry DeBrock
Linden Lu
Madhu Viswanathan
Marcello Bucheli
Mark Peecher
Michael Donohoe
Michael Fricke
Michael Kustanovich
Mike Bednar
Mike Zhengyu Yao
Oktay Urcan
Ron Guymon
Ron Watkins
Scott Weisbenner
Sung Kim
Susan Curtis
Tom Parkinson
Udatta Palekar
Vishal SachdevĀ  (Training Coach)
Vlad Dolgopolov