First Pure Gyr and Girolando Calves Born at Chessie Creek Farm

On November 6th, 2020 the first pure-bred Gyr calf (a bull) from pure Brazilian genetics was born at Chessie Creek Farm (CCF) in South Carolina. On November 8th, the first Girolando (5/8 Holstein X 3/8 Gyr) heifer calf was born at CCF. These calves were produced from a collaboration between the University of Illinois Genetic Improvement of Livestock Project and Chessie Creek Farm. The effort, know as the University of Illinois-Chessie Creek Farm Project, is led by Dr. Matthew B. Wheeler, Professor of Biotechnology & Reproductive Sciences in the Department of Animal Sciences (see the Project Team on the People web page).

The first pure Gyr bull calf born at Chessie Creek Farm.

These calves will play a fundamental role in producing a herd of embryo donors that will provide “Tropical-Adapted” dairy cattle genetics to the developing world. The goal of our project is to provide milk and dairy products to feed hungry children and help “Feed the World by 2050”.

The first Girolando (5/8 Holstein X 3/8 Gyr) heifer calf born at CCF.