Call A Representative Day

Stop by our Call A Representative Day this upcoming Monday April 10th at the Illini Union Room 104 from 9 am – 5 pm!

The proposed federal budget features alarming cuts to science. This funding is what brings about new discoveries that help us progress as a society and provide better quality of life to its citizens. We all can play a role in keeping funding where we need it. Drop by the Illini Union for Call a Rep Day. It’s as simple as taking 5 minutes to call your rep and telling them why funding science is important to you. We’ll have the phone number of your rep and some talking points in case you aren’t sure of what to say. Stand up for science, call your rep!

What has been proposed:
o NIH funding cut by 18% or
o EPA funding cut by 31%
o $1.7 billion cut from the Department of Energy
o NOAA’s funding cut by 17%
o Call for NASA to focus on “deep-space exploration rather than Earth-centric research”
o Elimination of funding towards climate change research

Reference: Nature 543, 471–472 (23 March 2017) doi:10.1038/nature.2017.21652

Talking points: