“AJL@80: Challenges in Quantum Foundations, Condensed Matter Physics and Beyond”

A Celebration of Sir Tony Leggett’s 80th Birthday

Thursday evening, March 29 – Saturday evening, March 31, 2018
Urbana, Illinois

Talk slides are linked below. We hope to have video linked soon.

Ping Ao, Shanghai University
Dynamics: From Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena, to Motion of Topological Defects, Genesis and Progression of Cancer, and Framework for Nonequilibrium Processes

Andrew Briggs, University of Oxford
Is Reality There When Nobody Looks

George Crabtree, Argonne National Lab
Critical Current by Design

Jim Eisenstein, Caltech
“An Almost-Superfluid

Christian Enss, Universität Heidelberg
Breakdown of the Universality of Glasses at Ultralow Temperatures – Interplay of Nuclear Spins and Atomic Tunneling Systems

Matthew Fisher, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physcs, UCSB
Are We Quantum Computers, or Merely Clever Robots?

Nigel Goldenfeld, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
“Is There Universality in Biology”

Laura Greene, National High Magnetic Field Lab, FSU, UFL, LANL
Tony’s Advocacy in Science Diplomacy and Human Rights: Impact and Global Guidance

Ray Laflamme, Institute for Quantum Computing, UWaterloo
“Tony Leggett’s Global Impact in Canada”

Ying Liu, Pennsylvania State University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
“Learning physics from and working with Tony in the US and China: From ‘Foundation of Quantum Mechanics’, to phase-sensitive test of pairing symmetry in Sr2RuO4, to ‘Basic Aspects of Superconductivity’ and ‘Shanghai Center for Complex Physics’ ”

Daniel Loss, University of Basel
“Majorana Fermions in Nanowires: Facts and Fictions”

Yoshi Maeno, Kyoto University
Leggett’s Tree

David Mermin, Cornell University
My Life with Leggett

Mike Norman, Argonne National Lab
What’s Up with the Cuprates?

Jim Sauls, Northwestern University
Spontaneously Broken Spin-Orbit Symmetry – A View in 2018

Irfan Siddiqi, University of California, Berkeley
“The Dawn of Superconducting Quantum Processors”

Phil Stamp, University of British Columbia
“Quantum Gravity in the Lab”

Rongjia Tao, Temple University
“From Sustainable Energy to Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes:  Challenges for Soft Matter Physics”

Nandini Trivedi, Ohio State University
Broken Paradigms

Dirk van der Marel, University of Geneva
Coulomb Interaction and the MIR Scenario in high Tc Superconductors

Peter Wolynes, Rice University
Homo vitro fragilior

Clare Yu, University of California, Irvine
Low Temperature Properties of Glasses: Beyond Two Level Systems


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Conference Organizers:
David Ceperley, Philip Phillips, Dale Van Harlingen, Smitha Vishveshwara

Conference Secretary:
Becky McDuffee: mcduffbe@illinois.edu;  217.300.0898